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They trusted us for the sale of their house in Dordogne

The steps of a real estate sale, the agency accompanies you in all serenity

A successful property sale often involves a succession of controlled steps, such as defining the selling price. For this, do not hesitate to contact us for an informed opinion, offered within the framework of our commercial policy, we will advise you in all objectivity.

If you wish to continue the adventure, the development of the property with beautiful visuals will follow, then the constitution of the sales file with a view to signing a sales mandate.

Following the qualification of the requests, the time will come for visits which, if well prepared, will allow us to collect one or more client positions and thus envisage the signature.

Securing the sale of your home is not an easy task and involves certain administrative, commercial and legal difficulties.

Calling on a professional is often the best option to conclude, we are at your disposal to meet with you, discuss your projects, share our vision and perhaps move forward.

We offer you an opinion of market value, do not hesitate to contact us.